GRUN envía mensaje a la Comunidad Musulmana en ocasión del mes del Ramadán

Managua, March 11th, 2024


“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate”

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters
all over the world :

On occasion of the beginning of the Blessed Month of Ramadan on March 11th We pray to Almighty God that you will receive Him, as in every year, with Kindness, Well-being and abundant Blessings. We thank God for having reached the Holy Month of Ramadan, with Love and Respect for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters around the World.

On behalf of the People and Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of the Republic of Nicaragua, and on our own behalf, we would like to convey congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of this Blessed Month of Ramadan, a Month that you will dedicate to Fasting, Prayer, Supplication and exclusive Worship of God. We ask Almighty God to fill you with Goodness, Blessings, Happiness, Love and Peace.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It saddens us and causes anguish and pain that the Blessed Month of Ramadan comes in the light of the lamentable events resulting from the attacks of the Government of Israel against the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza, and the consequent loss and casualties of many innocent victims among the Palestinian People and the increase of their harsh human suffering, without consideration or respect for the sacred occasions of Peoples.

The Republic of Nicaragua, while following these events in Gaza with sadness and deep

regret, expresses its denunciation of this flagrant attack that has no justification whatsoever, and reaffirms our position calling for a Just and Comprehensive Peace to be achieved there, restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, ending the Israeli occupation of the Occupied Territories in Palestine, and establishing the Palestinian State on its National Territory, with Holy East Jerusalem as its Capital, so that everyone can reap the fruits of Peace in the light of a climate of coexistence, cooperation and stability, by means of applying the only equitable standards, which are those reflected in various international causes and resolutions of international legitimacy.

We also reaffirm our Solidarity with the Palestinian People as a result of the continuation of the siege imposed on them, and demand an end to this unjust blockade and genocide that has caused great harm to children, the elderly and women.

From our Blessed Nicaragua, Always Dignified, Sovereign and Free, on this special occasion, we turn to Almighty God with the most sincere supplication, to bless your celebration of this Blessed Month of Ramadan, that He accept your Fasting and Prayers, and grant you Security and Peace to relieve the Palestinian People, especially those of Gaza, of their suffering and may God protect them with His care.

Blessed Ramadan, Happy Ramadan

God’s peace, Mercy and blessings be with you.


Daniel Ortega Saavedra     Rosario Murillo

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